First consultation (£90, 1 hour)

During the first consultation we will discuss your medical history and assess your current diet and lifestyle to work out how these impact on your goals and symptoms.
Nutrition advice, lifestyle recommendations and a personalised recipe book are included in the first consultation.

Meal plans available on request at additional cost.

Second consultation (£70, 40 min)

Approximately 2-4 weeks after the initial consultation depending on your goals. In the second consultation we will monitor your progress with the nutrition and lifestyle recommendations and discuss any barriers encountered. You will receive new nutritious recipes to include in your day!

Meal plan (£70)

7-day meal plan including tasty recipes for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks. The meal plan is developed around your favourite foods and packed with essential nutrients to help you achieve your goal.

This also includes a full grocery list that outlines the ingredients you will need to follow the meal plan.

Food diary analysis (£30)

A “quick diet check”. Complete a 3-day food diary to best assess your starting point, identifying calories, vitamins and mineral levels, carbs, fat and protein intake. You will receive a list of foods to boost your health and adjust the nutrients levels in your diet.

Weight loss package

Click here for more info on the personalised weight loss package.

All services are temporarily provided online.

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