Weight Loss Program

To lose half kilogram a week an energy deficit of 500 calories a day is required. However, weight loss is not a simple matter of energy in and energy out. The help of a registered dietitian is invaluable, providing nutritional advice to promote weight loss as well exploring motivation and barriers to change.

What does the weight management package include?

Initial consultation £150

Meal plan
A 7-day meal plan including tasty recipes for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks. To support food enjoyment, the meal plan is developed around your favourite foods and packed with essential nutrients to help you achieve your goal. Recipes are developed tailored to your target calorie requirement to promote gradual weight loss.

The meal plan also includes:

  • a full grocery list that outlines the ingredients you will need to follow the meal plan
  • every recipe states the total number of servings and the total prep time so that you know how many servings the recipe creates, and how long it will take you to make it

Additional 1 week meal plan £70

Additional 3 weeks meal plan £200

Follow up consultation £90

We will review the progress achieved so far. A follow up consultation is recommended 2 weeks after the initial consultation, to best address any barriers encountered. This includes a review of the meal plan and new recipes.

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